If you would like to obtain an information technology diploma, you will find one great choice to strongly consider is the one offered by Mantissa College. You can submit all of the applications online. Also, any student who does complete the course will have all of the needed tools for helping them while they are working at an IT field supporting office, school, firm or other kind of organization.

In terms of its importance, this field has grown a lot due to the fundamental fact that such an important role is played by information technology in both the management and structure of organizations and businesses these days. A graduate who holds this diploma will have underwent a great amount of hands on training that includes the use of all modern IT equipment in addition to the processes, which will provide them with all of the necessary experience needed for performing at a high level outside of the classroom experience. You can head on to the college website for more info.

A student who has completed the two course of study will have the ability to jump directly into practicing their acquired skill as a skilled technical professional. In addition, graduates will have the opportunity to pursue higher education within the information technology world with their specialized degree. All of the main IT subjects are contained in the course work, including marketing, basic economics, mathematics, accounting, computer applications, management information systems, computer programming, computer basics, web development as well as communication skills in Bahasa for students who who like to have the ability to communicate better within the Malaysian work environment.

Students also have the opportunity to undergo an internship programs in addition to their course work, along with requirements that include an IT project prior to being able to receive their diplomas. That will be proof that a student has achieved a high level of understanding of the IT world if they can create a product on the basis of all they have learned. The experience from places students in situations where they can learn how information technology is used within business environments.

Qualifications For Admission

Any student who wants to roll in courses to obtain an Information Technology diploma from Mantissa College will need to meet certain requirements. To start out with, all incoming students must meet the SPM O-level, which means that they have obtained three SPM credits at minimum that allows them to become eligible for admission into the diploma program. In terms of language qualifications, the student will need to hold a D at least in both Bahasa and Sejarah communication.

Click the link here to go directly to the Mantissa College application page to apply for admission.

Opportunities And Professional Skills

In addition to completing this IT course, graduate also will the ability to:

– Work in either the private or public sector

– Apply to work at various IT jobs in industrial as well as commercial organizations

– Some of the more common IT positions include web developer, programmer, network technician, user support service and technician

– Operate IT control tools within both offices and networks

– Work through various information system forms

– Manage and maintain an organization’s databases

– Identify and understand the IT tools available within an IT system

– Develop information technology systems for secure interactions between databases and software

– Introduce software that is relevant and applied to the current business system.

This diploma course offers a MQA Full Accreditation Certificate. That helps to ensure that every graduate is a qualified professional. Numerous Malaysian Labor Organizations, including the PSD and JP, have fully recognized the diploma course from Mantissa College as a highly trusted source of both skilled and knowledgeable workers.

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